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EV Charging Station

The non-linear nature of some loads found during charging at public EV charging stations/networks can cause them to experience and array of issues including voltage variations (flicker), distortion (harmonics) and high frequency noise (supraharmonics). These factors can compromise the reliability and efficiency of not only the charging systems but the broader electrical grid. Therefore, maintaining power quality in EV charging infrastructure is pivotal for the seamless integration of EVs into our transportation landscape, ensuring the reliability of the grid, and facilitating our transition towards a carbon-neutral future.

A power quality survey was performed at a 50 station public EV charging facility in Oslo, both before and after the installation of Ezone Energy’s innovative p1™ isolation transformer. Our surveys confirmed a relatively well designed and installed system but one which may be subject to power quality concerns at time of high demand.

Installation of the Ezone p1 improved many of the key parameters making the charging hub more efficient, with potential for faster charging times for the users, less harmful harmonics being propagated through the facility and less potential for the facility adversely affecting the operation of nearby installations.

The improvements seen in the performance of the EV charging hub would suggest lower operating costs and better reliability of the facility.

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