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Who we are

Welcome to Nøste, your solution to maritime power quality challenges. Established in late 2022, we specialize in investigating and resolving issues in the maritime sector. Conducting 2-3 surveys or audits per month, we've successfully identified and isolated power quality issues in over 95% of cases. At Nøste, we are committed to ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply for the maritime industry.

What we offer

At Nøste, we specialize in power quality consultancy, offering in-depth surveys that uncover the root causes of electrical issues impacting your vessel or facility. Beyond identification, we provide specific feedback and solutions to improve power quality, guiding you through the process. Our experienced team conducts surveys and audits, using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your electrical systems. From pinpointing problems to optimizing infrastructure, we deliver comprehensive assessments for economic and sustainable operations. Our skilled installation team prioritizes safety and quality, adhering to industry standards for optimal functionality. With meticulous attention to detail, Nøste is your trusted partner for seamless equipment integration and commissioning, translating into increased reliability and productivity.

Our Markets


Power quality is vital for renewable energy producers because it guarantees a stable grid connection, maximizing energy output and minimizing downtime. High-quality power ensures efficient energy generation and smooth integration into the grid, enhancing the sustainability and profitability of renewable projects.


Power quality is crucial in aquaculture because it ensures stable and reliable electricity supply, preventing disruptions that could harm aquatic life. Consistent power supports water circulation, oxygenation, and temperature control vital for fish health and growth.

Shore Power

Power quality is vital for shore power applications as it guarantees a stable and clean electrical supply to vessels, preventing damage to sensitive onboard systems and ensuring efficient energy transfer during docking and onboard operations.

EV Charging

Power quality is vital for public EV charging facilities to deliver fast, reliable, and safe charging. It prevents fluctuations, ensuring efficient charging, reducing downtime, and promoting the adoption of electric vehicles, thus contributing to a sustainable future

Rigs and MODUs

Power quality is critical for offshore rigs and MODUs (Mobile Offshore Drilling Units) to maintain safety, reliability, and operational efficiency. It ensures stable electricity for drilling, equipment, and essential systems, minimizing risks and costly downtime in remote offshore environments.

Offshore Service Vessels

Power quality is essential for offshore support vessels to maintain critical operations, equipment, and safety systems. Reliable electricity ensures uninterrupted navigation, communication, and machinery performance, minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency in offshore environments.

Passenger and Vehicle Ferries

Power quality is critical for passenger and vehicle ferries to ensure uninterrupted operation of vital systems, such as propulsion and navigation. Consistent power minimizes the risk of disruptions, ensuring passenger safety and on-time arrivals.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Explore some of our projects below for a comprehensive glimpse into our work and expertise.



  • What is power quality, and why is it crucial?
    Power quality is the measurement of how close to perfect an electrical voltage is at any given time or point. It is pivotal for seamless operation, ensuring efficiency and avoiding risks such as disruptions, malfunctions, and financial losses.
  • How does Nøste Energi address power quality issues?
    Our team conducts comprehensive power quality surveys and audits, identifying and isolating issues with a success rate of over 95%. We provide specific feedback and robust solutions to improve power quality, ensuring economic and sustainable operation for vessels and facilities.
  • What does the power quality survey offered by Nøste Energi entail?
    Our power quality survey provides an in-depth insight into your vessel's or facility's electrical system. It unravels the root causes of unexplained issues, offering a comprehensive status of your system that empowers you with the knowledge needed to enhance profitability.
  • How does Nøste Energi assist in addressing detected power quality issues?
    We go beyond identifying problems; we walk the journey with you, providing specific feedback and robust solutions to improve power quality. Our goal is to ensure economic and sustainable operation by guiding you through effective power quality improvement measures.
  • What expertise does Nøste Energi offer in power quality surveys and audits?
    Our team of experts boasts a wealth of experience and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to identify and rectify power quality issues. We deliver comprehensive and accurate assessments, allowing you to pinpoint problems and optimise your electrical infrastructure effectively.
  • How does Nøste Energi approach power equipment and system installations?
    Our highly skilled team prioritizes safety and quality, adhering to industry best practices and standards. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every installation is carried out with precision and efficiency, guaranteeing optimal functioning of your equipment from day one.
  • Why should businesses invest strategically in power quality management?
    Strategic investments in power quality management are imperative for businesses as it influences equipment reliability, production efficiency, cost-effectiveness, product quality, regulatory compliance, and overall business performance. It provides a means to mitigate risks and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic market landscape.
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